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Via Social Media Advertising

Famous Wolf Group is an award winning, digital marketing agency, that specialise in running successful social media advertising campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok & YouTube.

Our expert Social Media Ad Campaign Managers create and build effective social media ad campaigns to generate your business high quality sales and leads, regardless of your industry sector or market place.

Due to our in depth tracking software, our campaign management team are able to provide you with the very best solution for your business, so that you can receive the highest quality return and scale your campaign with exponential results.

Our AI tech also allows us to track each sale generated from the 1st touch point to the last, so no longer will you be left scratching your head wondering if the sales came from your ad campaigns or from a "flukey month of lucky sales".

Checkout our testimonials below:

Social Media Ad Campaigns from £799 pm

What you will receive:
  • Ad Campaign Strategy Build.
  • Ad Funnel Setup.
  • Designed Social Media Video Ad Creative.
  • Professionally written ad sales copy.
  • Weekly Ad campaign optimisation.
  • Realtime report data.
  • Social platform account support.
  • Exclusive Meta Ad Account Optimisation direct from Meta HQ.

Plus much more...

Typically we deliver a minimum of a 8x ROAS. (Return On Ad Spend)

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
The number of qualified leads we received from the Facebook Ad Campaigns that Famous Wolf ran hugely outweighed any previous ad results that we'd received by previous marketing agencies.
— Emma Dean
Customer reviews
Famous Wolf have provided outstanding results for us during a time that the world has been under immense pressure, yet Famous Wolf defied the odds and have consistently delivered.
— Mike Greenwood


Social Media Ad Campaigns from £599 pm


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