In our final phase of learning about LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns, we want to help you get that all important last detail perfect. There are millions of images to pick from when creating your Social Media Ad Campaign - Let us help you with which one to use!

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With the thousands of images you see as you scroll through social media, the last thing that would make you stop is something dull and drabby. Having something bright and eye-catching will mean they will either stop at your ad, or scroll back to see what they missed! 

Something for when you become a pro at picking your images is also understanding what colours can trigger a customer's sales behaviour pattern. 

Below is a list of colours which can help you with your sales conversions (but don't use them all at once!) 

  • Red - Gives an Action & Excitement
  • Blue - Helps calm before making a sales decision 
  • Green - Associates with Environment 
  • Purple - Targeting Women
  • Black - Targeting Luxury
  • Orange - Send a calm signal of urgency

It's great to help our customers feel a way before they even know what they want to do next which helps with your conversion rate!

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Having an overwhelming amount of text and detail on your Ad Campaigns can really put your potential customers off wanting to go to the next stage of the sales process.

This is another subconscious decision that your customer makes as people do not like chaos or unorganised business. They want to feel that the sales journey they have with you is smooth sailing and drama free and in this case, first impressions are important!


Learning about Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram Ads can actually be fun! Social media platforms are there for entertainment and checking in with friends & family and education however, you can get away with selling on the platform as long as it is done correctly! Ensuring that your ad picture is fun and friendly will mean that your potential customer will not be put off when they come across your ad as long as you keep it fun.


We hope this helps you with your next ad however, if you’re looking for that helping hand, please click here to see how Famous Wolf can help you!

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Rudy Heywood