In business, we all think we know who our customers are however, do you know what they do in their spare time, what TV programmes they’re watching or what podcasts they’re listening too?
Whether your answer is yes or no, this target audience research is hugely important, and we have some tips and tricks below to finding your perfect target audience.

Do You Really Know Who Your Customers Are?

Being able to understand exactly who your audience is and what they like, will help you be able to adjust your Facebook ads accordingly to really capture your people!

Below we have listed all the things you need to know to help you build your customer persona. With all this information when you’re creating your audience via Facebook or LinkedIn, you will have way more information to be able to reach a wider audience.

What is your customers background & demographics?
This is normally the bread and butter of your ad. Making sure that you have the correct locations of your customers, age, sex, job title, family size, average income and anything that falls under this bracket. What are their interests?

Understanding what your consumers like really helps when targeting your audience. You may have a very general business where people from all walks of life come to you but that’s okay!

There is normally a common denominator but if there isn’t, there are lot’s more ways to find your target audience, or you could do some market research!
What social media channels are your customers hanging out on?

Everyone always feels the weight of trying to make sure they get seen on every single platform however, if your customer is not on there – do not waste your time! Understanding where your customer is predominantly on will really help you to ensure that you’re putting money into the right advertising platform.
What are your customers pain points?

Most businesses solve a problem in some way shape or form, so it’s important to remind yourself of what your target audience’s pain points are. For example, it could be that you are an estate agent – your customers pain points are that they can’t source a house themselves and they need you! This can be helpful when creating your target audience as people will spend their lives researching Facebook or LinkedIn with things, they need help with.

There are more ways to find your target audience!
The above is only a small part of building a customer persona to help you find your target audience however it’s a great place to start to really work on your ad campaigns and finding the ideal person to buy from your business.

If you’re just starting out and you’re not sure where to even start, we highly recommend doing some heavy market research on local Facebook or LinkedIn groups as well as in your local community.

Most huge business decisions that are made for companies who gross millions of pounds will thoroughly do their research a few times over and make sure they refer to their customer persona for confirmation that it’s the right thing to do.

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Rudy Heywood