The world of advertising is a scary place especially if you are doing it for the first time. To learn about LinkedIn & Facebook Ads you need an open mind and a little patience!

Famous Wolf has mastered the perfect ad being a social media and ad campaign specialist so we thought we would share our knowledge with you to get you on your way!


Did you know that you can have a look at all your competitor’s ads if they have them running?

On LinkedIn, it will give you a really good idea of what they’re putting their efforts into and on Facebook you’ll even see if they have been running them for a while!

STEP 1: Head over to your competitor’s LinkedIn Pages and click posts.
STEP 2: It will come up with the below options. You will need to click Ads.

EXTRA TIP: If you’re scrolling through your LinkedIn newsfeed and you see an Ad you like that is working well, you can click the three dots to save it later for reference.



The data you can get from Facebook can be a lot more helpful. We can see how long a competitor has been running their ad for. If their Facebook ad has been running for a long amount of time, it means it’s successful! You can take tips from them and go away and make your ad even better!


STEP 1: Not many people know about this - There is a specific page you can research all campaigns and it’s called Facebook Ads Library.  Head over to the page and the below will appear.


STEP 2: You have the freedom to search Learn About Facebook Ads via keywords or your competitor’s name. Make sure that you have the right country picked and in Ad Category you click all. 

STEP 3: Click the filter button on the right and change it to active ads and then change the dates to something six months before. Make sure you make the month the same and not your current month otherwise you won’t be able to make it through all of them! 

STEP 4: Enjoy the results! For this example, we typed in Estate Agents and the below had been running for seven months + which means these Facebook Ad Campaigns are doing the trick for these businesses!  

A lot of the time, the hard work has already been done for you when you’re able to see winning formula ads from your competitors. People over see this part and spend months if not years trying to get the perfect ad campaign which that keeps on generating the leads or income you’re looking for.

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Rudy Heywood