Have you ever tried to put an Ad together but had no idea what to write? Well, we have the winning formula for beginners to create ad copy that converts! It would be fair to say that less is sometimes more when it comes to the text you put alongside your ad however, it may mean tweaking it a few times until you have the perfect ad!


Understanding your customer’s pain points will help you draw in the perfect audience. When a person comes across a post or ad on social media that personally talks to them and a problem or issue that they deal with they are more likely to engage with that post. If you can tell your customers exactly how you can make their pain points go away, you’re in for the win!

“Are you struggling to find your perfect home?”

“Have you been looking for the party venue of your dreams?”

“Dreaming of that perfect software to streamline your business?”

Asking a question that your customer can answer in their head saying, “that’s me!” makes it a million times easier to convert the lead.


This seems obvious but believe us when we say, it really isn’t. We spend a lot of time screaming about our brands that we know what problems we solve, it’s the mechanic of our business! Sometimes we shout so much it so much we just presume that our customers will know but that isn’t the case. Giving the person seeing your ad a clear understanding of what you do and how you can help will help your potential customer to make the decision to click on your ad!

“We help you look for your perfect home”

“Stop your search for the perfect party venue! We have a venue perfect for any occasion”

“Our Software takes the admin off your hands so you can focus on the important stuff in your business”

If you want your Ad Copy to Convert, your customers need to understand what you do! Do not overcomplicate it.


It’s plain and simple! Tell your customers what you want them to do.

People always get worried about putting customers off by telling them to “buy now!” but by the time they have read the rest of the ad copy, they know it’s an ad and they either want to enquire or they don’t, all you need to do is make sure you tell them how! Giving clear instructions on what they need to do next helps the journey flow and stops the customer from getting confused!

We hope this helps you with your next ad however, if you’re looking for that helping hand, please click here to see how Famous Wolf can help you!

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Rudy Heywood