Ever scrolled through your socials and suddenly stopped mid thumb flick by a gorgeous graphic? You are not alone. In our digital worlds, where we almost drown in the amount of content created, (around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created per day!). Being a zebra among the sheep is the only way to captivate your audiences. That’s why we are exploring 3 key features of content (graphics, colours, typography) and how it can boost our happy hormones.

What’s dopamine?

Heard about dopamine through the grape vine but not quite sure what it is? Dopamine is known as the ‘happy hormone’, it is the main neurotransmitter which plays a part in our internal reward cycle. Dopamine induces feelings of motivation and satisfaction in our brains. Like when you smell your favourite comfort foods or when you see something that captivates you.

When it comes to content marketing, we already know the importance of being original, but with the spotlight on dopamine design, marketers can captivate their audience and make them feel good too! We see advertising concepts built around dopamine release all the time, making the masses feel positively about a certain product, brand, or company but specific uses in content not so much.  That’s why we’re putting aspects of content creation under the microscope and exploring how content can be created to stimulate dopamine realise.

Dopamine Graphic Design

The first thing that springs to mind when it comes to content creation is graphic design. It’s common knowledge humans are visual creatures. With 65% of the population being visual learners, it’s no wonder graphic design plays an important role in content being able to trigger dopamine release. 

As marketers, we know our assets include more than just an image. All aspects such as colour theory, alignment and typography need to be taken into consideration to create content worth stopping for. 

Dopamine Colours

Everyone loves a rainbow, but did you know the use of colour is proven to make a lasting impression? Our colour choices greatly impact the customer journey, studies have shown brand recognition can be improved up to 80% through the use of colour, not to mention sales, communication and memorability also increase. The psychology of colour shows that we can uplift moods and influence consumer behaviour so pick you palette choices wisely! It’s believed the colour red is the most associated with dopamine release.

Dopamine Alignment

When it comes to appealing design, we often downplay the importance of alignment. Complimenting a gorgeous graphic? Praising alignment is probably last on your list of nice things to say, but the fact is poor alignment is noticeable. Human brains love simplicity and symmetry, for that reason conveying information on marketing assets in an attractive way will help your brand stand out in a crowd. So, when it comes to captivating you target audiences’ attention with dopamine inducing graphics, alignment and simplicity are key.

Dopamine Typography

Another vital aspect in producing mind blowing content and get those happy hormones flowing is to consider the ways text is presented. We know all brands have their own flavour when it comes to the style of text they use (font, size, etc) and in which situations they are optimally used. Typography is the name given to the  visual representation of text,  it plays an essential role in evoking emotions and feelings within consumers. Just like colours, taking a thoughtful approach to typography can engage and stimulate your target market. It effects user experience and can make information more memorable and help consumers make more informed buying decisions.

Dopamine Takeaway

We’re all aware the attention spans of society are decreasing with most of us becoming ‘advertisement blind’. Connecting with our consumers on their level and becoming their champion has never been more valuable. Throughout this blog we’ve discovered time and time again the importance of a thoughtful approach to content and how it can be used to release the happy hormone in the brain. 

The most effective ways for content to produce dopamine:

  • Consider each element of your graphic design and a as a whole
  • Let perfecting colours, alignment and typography be your foundations
  • Promote simplicity and clear messaging
  • Be creative and thoughtful in your overall marketing approach

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Rudy Heywood